If you would like to be considered as a TANZ member, please contact us.


If you would like to be considered as a TANZ member, please contact us.



A trusted digital platform for New Zealand producers, growers, exporters, retailers & consumers to easily share trusted data.

  • A true primary industry consortium, working on the shared visions and objectives for the greater good of NZ Inc.
    The collaboration amongst the group is the true value as each understand the value of permissioned data sharing
    across the value.
  • A change agent for the primary industry, giving consumers provable trust by connecting them to New Zealand’s value chain.
  • One of the trusted networks for New Zealand’s Primary Industries, providing a safe space to share data and enabling innovation through data interoperability

Common industry challenges are identified by our members and addressed by sharing data across the value chain in a trusted and permissioned way. The underpinning technology allows the implementation of new innovative solutions to solve these problems.

  • In the TANZ blockchain model, verifiable data sits at the centre
  • Whenever a transaction is sent to the blockchain, all the TANZ nodes must agree that it’s a valid transaction from an authorised party
  • TANZ rules are public, and standards can be “baked in”
  • TANZ data becomes very powerful for audit / compliance / trust purposes
  • TANZ can use data to trigger an external action (like a payment) with 100% confidence
  • Don’t need complex cross party agreements
  • New TANZ members can be instantly trust-verified


See the “Membership” section on our website

You will contributing to the Trust Alliance NZ (TANZ) network and be involved in shaping the consortium and its technology. Making use of the expertise, knowledge and learnings between members in an easy and cost effective way.


  •   Invited to attend TANZ Meetings
  •   Recognition as being a Trust Alliance NZ Member & ability to use the Trust Alliance NZ trademark
  •   Gain access to TANZ members and witnessing how they are using the blockchain
  •   Annual technical workshops exploring blockchain use cases for the members
  •   Such other benefits as may be conferred from time to time by the Council


  •   Fully hosted blockchain node
  •   TANZ blockchain explorer
  •   Access to TrackBack toolkit for easy onboarding. 
  •   SDK, API’s & Agents

If you are supportive of TANZ objectives, please contact us via the website.

Decentralised technology is enabling TANZ members to share data in a permissioned and controlled way, creating a secure common source of verifiable trust.

TANZ is focus on decentralised technology, the intention
is being agnostic and collaborate interchangeable with other technologies. 

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