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The Trust Alliance New Zealand Incorporated (TANZ) is a non-profit industry consortium governed and operated by its members. We provide tools and protocols to enable a trusted data network. We believe in a decentralised approach, to enable easy data capture, and protection & permissioned sharing across the primary sector.

TANZ is an advocate for self-sovereign identity and an enabler for a decentralised data management. We aim to create a future where farmers are in control of their own data through the use of decentralised digital identities, verifiable credentials, and digital wallets.

TANZ is an enabler for the food and fibre industry to move from selling based on brand promise to brand proof. We want to enable farmers to show digitial proofs of sustainable farming. These proofs can be used to ensure and increase international market access, unlock better financial access and turn farm compliance into real value.

TANZ is owned and governed by those who use it, providing opportunity and profit potential for all members, rather than a winner takes all model. Our members and supporters include many of New Zealand’s public and private sector primary producers, growers, exporters, retailers and service providers.

TANZ strives to enable self-controlled, trusted data sharing; reducing the data duplication that impacts farmers’ compliance-driven work (or activities), such as Farm Environment Planning or ESG reporting. Overall, TANZ aims to support more New Zealand farmers and growers in meeting compliance, to ultimately facilitate more sustainable outcomes.

To do this we are developing a trusted digital framework to share data in a secure way; a decentralised approach that will allow farmers and growers to capture, manage and share their data while also controlling and protecting it.

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Chris Claridge

Trust Alliance Chair
ID Digital Media

Christina Finlayson

Ballance Agri-Nutrients

Matt Baker

Silver Fern Farms Ltd

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