The Consumer Challenge

Consumers now expect proof that the products they buy are good for them and for the environment.

The Climate Challenge

Climate change poses systemic risks to agriculture, resulting in more and more regulation and compliance data requirements.

The Verification Challenge

Global standards of data verification are changing and becoming essential for exporting. New Zealand agriculture must align to ensure international market access, including opening new markets.

The Trust Alliance (TANZ) solutions

TANZ is developing a trusted digital framework to share data in a secure way; a decentralised approach that will allow farmers and growers to capture, manage and share their data while also controlling and protecting it

TANZ is working to ensure New Zealand’s food and fibre industry can prove what we promise.

The framework allows farmers and growers to decide who has access to their data, for how long, and for what purpose.

TANZ and its members collaborate on projects involving a spectrum of data related concerns including data rights, data ownership and data interoperability (sharing of verifiable data).

TANZ members have access to not only their own data but the shared data contributed by other members in the consortium.

The framework created will enhance the global and domestic competitiveness of New Zealand’s primary sector and streamlines the supply chain.

Around the world expectations, requirements and standards are changing. Greater proof of provenance and or other environmental/ marketing claims and practices, are being demanded by regulators as well as consumers mindful of the ethical, sustainable and environmental impacts of what they buy.

Via an innovative and secure framework, TANZ will enable greater sharing of information, to aid in protecting and enriching the value of products from New Zealand, and keeping our primary sector competitive on the global stage.

Chris Claridge

Trust Alliance Chair

ID Digital Media

“Trading and the exchange of goods is based on trust, without it transactions cannot occur. New Zealand as a trading nation must operate at the highest levels of trust possible. Trust Alliance helps achieve this.”

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